IP represents Internet Protocol. An IP camera is a computerized digital video capturing system that can send information over an organization. These IP camera work with cell phones so you can see your security feed from anyplace with an Internet connection. IP cameras are also referred & used as cameras or webcams.

In a traditional security system, data is transmitted via cable to DVR (Digital Video Recorder). With an IP camera, the internet is used to send digital videos. This unit contains everything that is needed to do this. This is connected to your network such as other external IT equipment such as printers. To save videos, your IP camera may contain storage in the unit or can send videos to devices that are also connected to the network to be stored, also known as Network Video Recorder (NVR). Digital cameras and IP cameras capture images in the same way, although the transmission method is different. Your quality will not be compromised with an IP camera – in reality, the resolution is better.

The IP Surveillance system offers many benefits that are not carried out by traditional CCTV systems. They offer: · Higher resolution · Easy installation · Ability to be increased for costs · Faster and more reliable · Easily managed · Easy to meet compliance rules · and more!

Some IP cameras come with very basic recording & motion detection software. The main problem is that software which given by the camera manufacturer normally works only with their cameras, so you may not be able to use another brand IP camera. 

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